Thomas Salzano – Easy to Cook Food Items to Build Immunity during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

After the announcement of lockdown people are stuck in home with limited supplies and resources for entertainment and survival. The reports on coronavirus state that it is important to eat healthy and eat food that builds immunity. Food bloggers and chef like Thomas N Salzano has come across many questions related to immunity building food items and recipes that people are curious to know.

It is said that a person with good immunity can easily beat the virus (Coronavirus) in the body and the recovery rate is also high for people with high immunity. So, it automatically becomes important for the food expert to guide the people and share the right information with them that’s useful at the time of a coronavirus outbreak.   

What can we do to boost our immunity?

The question here is how we can boost your immune system. Here you can rely on adding anti-virus foods in your diet like garlic, ginger, and Vitamin-C rich food items. Other than this it’s important to pay attention towards your basic hygiene practices that adds to keeping your immune system is strong. Avoid eating food items that are in raw form or are kept in or cooked in places that have poor hygiene.

Here are some important food and immunity building tips shared by Thomas N Salzano that are helpful in immunity building:

#Tip 1

Prefer homemade food and avoid eating anything from outside. Eating healthy and eating green should be the motto of your diet these days. Add fruits to your diet plan and avoid consuming anything that is raw.

#Tip 2

Add Vitamin-C rich foods in your diet. If it is difficult to add vitamin-C rich food to your diet then you can go for Vitamin-C supplements. The fact of vitamin-C is that if the quantity of Vitamins increase in your body then your body will excrete the extra Vitamins from your body which means it’s okay to consume vitamins.

The following are the Vitamin-C rich food:

  • Sweet potato
  • Spring Onions
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Ginger
  • Garlic

#Tip 3

Avoid too much sodium and rely on other spices for flavor as sodium can result in dehydrating your body, can cause fatigue and a feeling of dizziness. The need of the hour is to keep your body fit and healthy so that you should avoid consuming anything in excess, especially sodium (salt).

#Tip 4

Try cooking simple food like soup, fruit salad, sprouts etc. that are easy to make and are healthy at the same time. Such little twist to these simple food items will build your taste plus will keep you engaged in productive and healthy activities.

#Tip 5 

Don’t waste any food that you cook at home during these days. Try and consume it on the same day as you know that your food supplies are limited. Use the left out food and vegetables like mix veg, fried rice, or try some Indian recipes that are extremely useful at this time.

Remember that it is important to keep a close check on your children diets and the adults that are 55 years and plus as they are more prone to this virus. Food can be made interesting even working on the presentation or adding different sauce to your food. Food experts like Thomas suggest avoiding eating food items like noodles and fried food as much as possible. At the end the message is Eat safe, Stay stay, Focus on hygiene and Follow social distancing.

Thomas Salzano – Easy to Cook Food Items to Build Immunity during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

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