Thomas N Salzano – Working in Kitchen

Thomas N Salzano working in kitchen

“For a Chef, it’s his Kitchen and the cooking tools which he can never compromise with,” says Thomas N Salzano a famous Italian chef. Despite being a professional chef Thomas Salzano is very particular about the safety measures while working in his kitchen. Being concerned about the young aspiring chefs Thomas thought of sharing a few safety tips while working in the Kitchen with all of us.

Here are a few tips by Thomas N Salzano:

For the beginners: before you start showing your cooking skill make sure you take advice from someone who knows how to cook. It is also important to have a supervisor with you if you are new to the magical world of the kitchen.

Listen to directions and advice: don’t panic or feel irritated when you are given directions. Keep your patience level hight and pay attention to the advice and the directions given to you.

Try to be organized and keep the kitchen clean: keeping things in proper order will make it easy for you to manage the kitchen. Moreover, a clean kitchen is always pictures ready to pose and post your dishes on social media.

Never give up, Keep Calm: it may turn out to be difficult for you as a beginner but don’t give up. Keep your spirit high and keep going.

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Other basic safety measures:

  • Use hot pads to lift the hot utensils.

  • Keep your pets and kind away from the kitchen area.

  • Pay extra attention when boiling or steaming food.

  • Avoid wearing long sleeve or floral clothes to the kitchen.

  • Handle the sharp objects with care.

These were a few tips that Thomas N Salzano would like every beginner to follow. He feels that the other safety measures like fire, injury, etc can only be prevented if you are attentive and you follow the instructions well.

Thomas N Salzano – Working in Kitchen
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