Thomas N Salzano: Tips On How To Teach Cooking To Kids

These days channeling your kid’s energy in the right direction is not an easy task, says Thomas N Salzano, a famous food blogger, and a chef. Especially during the current pandemic situation when the schools are closed and at the same time you need to avoid going out of the house.

The working parents find it a little tough to manage work from home and kids at home. There are a lot of parents struggling to find new activities to perform with their kids to keep them busy and keep them home. You as a parent will surely want your child to engage in some productive and playful activity like cooking but keeping the safety and interest of your child in mind, you might hesitate.

The best option is to send them to cooking classes but the best alternative is to become your child’s cooking teacher.

Thomas N Salzano

To make your job easy and the cooking lessons for your child a bit fun here are some tips shared by Thomas N Salzano that will help: 

  • Start with Theme classes

The concept of theme classes is the most engaging one as if you teach your child what they like to eat they will surely show interest. Theme classes like pizza day, dessert day, are some interesting examples to start your cooking lessons with.

  • Teaching time estimate

Always remember that kids are impatient, for them a fifteen minutes recipe means 15 mins only. It gets tough to make them stay and compete.  So to avoid such a situation you need to have an accurate idea of time. Remember if the recipe takes only 10 mins, to teach the same recipe to your child will require more time. Estimate the time before you start your lesson.

  • Let Kids show some creativity

For a child, everything is fun even cooking. You should not restrict the creativity of your child in the initial stage when he/she starts developing an interest for cooking. In terms of presentation, you can set them free. The best thing to do in this case is to select those recipes kids can be creative with. 

  • The Kitchen equipment

Arrange everything according to the kids. This means from the size of the table to the size of the scissors everything should be managed well. Thomas says it might sound a costly investment but if you think that your child loves cooking, prefer kids’ kitchen tools to motivate them and make cooking easy for them.

  • Not just cooking, clean-up is also important

As a parent, we are too busy appreciating the brilliant job done by our kids and keep the clearing task for ourselves. This is not the right approach, teach them to clean the shelf and the equipment before they leave the kitchen. You can help them with cleaning but it is important for you to teach them about this important lesson on cleaning.

  • Books on cooking

If your child is fond of reading, then adding books on cooking to his/her collection is the best way to grab their attention towards cooking. There are a number of books available in the market that are especially for kids to learn cooking.

  • Help them to chop

Chopping is the scariest and a bit risky job for a kid which somewhere becomes the reason for hesitating to cook. Thomas says until cooking is not fun for you, don’t do it at an early age as you might end up hating it. The best thing that you can do is either be a helping hand by providing chopped veggies or kid’s friendly instruments for chopping.

Thomas N Salzano

To all those parents who think that making their kids learn and develop an interest in cooking is a tough task is totally wrong. The young age is the best time to explore and learn new things is what Thomas N Salzano strongly believes. So spend time with your kids and engage them in in-door activities like cooking. Develop their interest and be a friend who is attentive while the whole process of cooking so that no one messes it up.

Thomas N Salzano: Tips On How To Teach Cooking To Kids

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