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Thomas N Salzano

“Try and copy the steps of the person cooking and then try it on your own, is the first step towards starting to cook,” says Thomas N Salzano a famous chef

Being an Italian food specialist now Thomas thought of sharing his story of “Love For Cooking” with all of us.

Thomas N Salzano working in kitchen

He says, when he was young he saw his grandparents cooking and trying new recipes to add in their cafe menu. Being his grandmother’s favorite he always got a chance to visit the cafe with her and interact with the customers. The joy which he felt interacting and being praised by the customers for the services and food of the cafe made him realize his area of interest but he was too young to decide or even think about taking any career decision.

Later when his grandmother faced some health issues and the cafe was closed, he decided to take over and start fresh. Thomas N Salzano was just 20 years old when he took such a big decision. The first thing he did was changed the timings of the cafe so that he could concentrate on both: his college and his passion.

Thomas Salzano with his grandfather rearranged everything and every corner of the cafe to make it look new and unique. But the most special thing which remained constant was his grandmother’s special Italian dishes which were famous among the local customers. 

To keep up to the customer’s expectation and demand Thomas joined Italian cooking classes and took extra guidance from her grandmother. This was the point when Thomas realized that he enjoyed cooking more than any other work. 

Thomas started preparing food at the cafe and later the success of the cafe made him take a big decision of turning the cafe into a restaurant. This success was the perfect example for Thomas and his family to let him free and move forward with his career in the field of cooking.

Later, Thomas N Salzano took certified classes and coaching for making his career as a Chef.

His journey was not easy as he had to face a loss in his restaurant business which somewhere brought his morale down. 

It was his friends who made Thomas regain his confidence by placing orders for lunch at his home. Thomas served a variety of Italian dishes and became popular for his delivery services. This business became the reason why Thomas N Salzano decided to be specialized in  Italian dishes. Soon he started giving classes for cooking and decided to try his hand in blogging to make his grandmother’s recipes famous and give his career a new platform.

Today Thomas N Salzano is known for his Italian recipes and his beautiful presentation. He has made his blogs the medium to reach out to all the aspiring chefs and food lovers. Thomas N Salzano says,” everyone can cook but only a few can fall in love with it.”

Thomas N Salzano – Love Cooking
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