Thomas N Salzano – How to Start Cooking Healthy Food at Home

We all prefer healthy food but when it comes to preparing a healthy meal we tend to hesitate, says Thomas Salzano a famous Italian chef.  There are many among you who take New Year resolutions to stick to a healthy diet but fail to continue because you are not able to cook.

Another big reason why cooking healthy food is a popular topic these days is due to the current pandemic situations that demand a healthy body with a good immune system. People now only prefer eating healthy to build their immune system and fight the COVID-19 virus.

The restrictions to visit your favorite food joint is added to the reason why you need to know about the tips on “ How to Start Cooking Healthy Food at Home.”

Although cooking healthy food is not a difficult task, there is always a trick to add more flavors to your cooking to make it more desirable to eat.

Thomas N Salzano

Based on the recent requests received by Thomas N Salzano from his followers here are some simple tips shared by him for “Healthy Cooking at Home.” 

Prefer Whole Foods

Always choose foods with a single-item ingredient list like olive oil, broccoli, etc. Avoid processed foods, especially packaged food. Choose whole grains as it’s a healthy choice. Whole grains like brown rice and food items that have more fiber, B Vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and other nutrients.

Pick an easy to cook recipe and try it, add species and ingredients according to your taste. Make sure you avoid using any processed spices or ingredients.

Add Healthy Fats

You need to be a little smart to add the healthy fats to your diet. Simple addition and subtractions of food items can be a smart step. Eliminate generic vegetable oils and start using olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil when cooking. Fats help you absorb nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, and K.

See just changing your cooking oil can make a difference in your healthy home cooking recipes. 

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Limit Adding Sugar and Salt

Control over your sugar and salt intake is important even if you are a sweet lover and do not have any health issues at this point in time. This is especially for teenagers who love to have a glass of cold drink with their meals.

Health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease are often linked with excessive intake of sugar and salt in your diet.

On professional grounds, you should only eat 6 to 8 spoons of sugar per day only if you are not a sugar patient. On the other hand, the salt daily intake should not be more than 2,300 mg. Although there are sugar and salt in everything you eat, adding junk food items like cold drinks and burgers on a daily basis is not recommended.

Thomas N Salzano

In addition to this, you should add hygienic good methods where you take care of little thighs like clean the vegetables and pulses before cooking, keep the kitchen area clean, and even the utensils.

General people think that only the boiled food with no additional flavors of spices is a healthy choice. This is not true, each flavor is important and a dietician should be the first person of contact when it comes to deciding a diet plan for you.

Thomas N Salzano says hygiene is directly connected to healthy food eating habits so never compromise with the hygiene part.

Thomas N Salzano – How to Start Cooking Healthy Food at Home

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