Thomas N Salzano: Fresh Fruit Cocktails For Summer

“Summers and fruit cocktails are one of the best combinations to deal with the heat and enjoy the summers with some twisted drinks,” says Thomas N Salzano, a famous chef and a food blogger.

This summer almost all are stuck at home with restricted options to move out and enjoy the summers due to the ongoing pandemic.

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In this article today, Thomas N Salzano will share some quick fresh fruit cocktail drinks that you can easily make at home and enjoy the hot summers. Let’s take a look at the shared fresh fruit cocktail options for this summer:

  • Strawberry Vodka Lemonade

You just need a few sliced strawberries, fresh-squeezed lemonade and your favourite vodka. To keep it light you can add water to the fixture.

  • Frozen Banana Daiquiri

You need a mixture of rum, lime, triple sec, ice, sugar and a fresh banana. Blend them all and your frozen banana daiquiri is ready. 

  • Summertime Fruit Punch Lemonade

You need your favourite vodka with some watermelon and lemonade. Mix it well in water and it’s ready. 

  • Scorpion Bowl With Fresh Fruits

Pineapple, mango, rum and brandy punch with some orange and lemon juice adds more flavour to your drink.

  • Raspberry Caipirinha

Take some fresh lime juice and a handful of fresh raspberries. Add the mixture to water and if required add some sugar for a sweet flavour.

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One thing that you will find common in almost all fresh fruit summer drinks is the use of lime and at times mint that actually enhances the taste of the drink. Thomas N Salzano says that lime has a million benefits and adding it to your drink will make the drink more refreshing.

Thomas N Salzano: Fresh Fruit Cocktails For Summer

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