Thomas N Salzano: About Michelin Star Chefs

As a chef, I feel it’s important to participate in cooking competitions to keep yourself motivated and set a goal to be achieved says, Thomas N Salzano a famous chef and a blogger.

For many chefs, it’s the Michelin star that they dream to achieve and that what they aspire to join the list of the top chefs across the world.

Michelin Star

It’s said to be the most coveted award that any chef aspires for in his journey as a chef. But the amazing part of this award is that Michelin star is awarded to a restaurant but the credit for it goes to the chef in charge of the kitchen. A single Michelin star means that the food served at the restaurant is of excellent quality in its category.

Whereas there are many chefs across the world that have more than one Michelin star which makes them more special and superior in the category of top chefs.

Here is a list of a few such Michelin star awarded chefs shared by Thomas Salzano:

1)    Joël Robuchon- 31 stars

He has achieved the record of holding the most Michelin stars as a chef, with 32 stars at one time. But when he died he had 31 stars.

  • Martín Berasategui- 10 stars

He is one of the best Spanish chefs with more than 44 years of experience. He was awarded his first Michelin star when he was 25 and is currently decorated his career with ten stars.

  • Pierre Gagnaire- 10 stars

He has received the Michelin stars for different restaurants. He is among the famous chefs that are known for their unique cuisine. 

  • Alain Ducasse- 7 stars

He holds 7 stars now but throughout his career, he has had a total of 21 stars. Alain is a renowned chef and has opened over 25 restaurants across the globe.

  • Gordon Ramsay- 16 stars

Ramsay is known for his exceptional British cuisine. He has been awarded 16 stars and is attached to 35 restaurants globally but currently holds seven Michelin stars.

Thomas N Salzano Cooking

The list is not yet completed as there are other chefs like Thomas Keller with 7 stars, Umberto Bombano with 7 stars, Heston Blumenthal with 6 stars, Bjorn Frantzé with 5 stars,  Massimiliano Alajmo with 5 stars and Eneko Atxa again with 5 stars.

Moreover, it’s important to know who is eligible for a Michelin Star?  The star is given out on a scale of 1 to 3 and only the top establishments in the world qualify for this designation.

One Michlin star means the restaurant is considered as “a very good restaurant in its category.”

These top chefs are an inspiration for other aspiring chefs like Thomas N Salzano to become better and to create their own identity with their unique cuisine.

Thomas N Salzano: About Michelin Star Chefs

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