Thomas N Salzano: 8 Smart Kitchen Tools Every Kitchen Must Have

Cooking with the right tools is a must but to have tools that make kitchen work easy and fun is also important. You as the head of the kitchen generally stock your kitchen with tools and pots that are not even needed regularly or our outdated. Thomas N Salzano a chef by choice and a blogger by passion has some tips on which tools you must have in your kitchen to make your work easy and give a professional touch to it.

The 8 smart kitchen tools that can fix the common kitchen problems easily, innovatively and in the affordable budget are:

Silicone Over Mitts

You regularly deal with your oven to heat or bake dishes and there is a need for gloves that protect you from the heated objects. In this case, you can try the silicone oven mitts. They contour to your hands for a secure grip and can beat the heat up to 480-degree Fahrenheit. You cab comfortable lift a hot, heavy cast-iron skillet without burning your hand.

Microwave rice cooker

Everything looks nice with rice that is properly cooked. A microwave cooker can quickly and easily steam not only your rice but the veggies, poach chicken, melt chocolate, heat soup, and other steamed dishes.

A Can Opener

Many times it happens that the can opener does not work as it is not sharp enough to open the can. A smooth-edge can opener should be part of every kitchen tool.  Food preserved in tin cans needs a solid and sharp can opener as you cannot rely on your kitchen knife to open the can. It’s dangerous to open a can with a knife so always prefer a can opener for making the task easy.

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Cutting tool for small food like grapes

Cutting small food items is not that easy and performing the task with a kitchen knife is difficult. Tools like close and cut quickly split a cup of seedless grapes, cherries, tomatoes, and other food items into small pieces. Such tools make it easy for the user to cut small food items and on the other hand reduces the chances of injury when dealing with small food items like grapes or seeds. 

Silicone Spill Guards

Whenever you leave anything to boil chances are high that it will boil over. You have to keep monitoring it every minute to prevent it from boiling over and making your stove a mess. Tools like silicone spill guards have an insert that breaks up the bubbles so they drain back in the pot and lets you free to do other kitchen jobs by the time. The silicon spill guards will not let anything boil over and create a mess in your kitchen.

Breading Trays

Each kitchen must have a set of breading trays. These trays are interlocked so that there is no chance of spilling. Each tray has non-skid feet to keep securely in place You get nylon tongs for dipping, breading, and turning which keeps your hands clean. The trays are easy to wash and are used by almost every chef in their kitchen.

Garlic Peeler and Slicer

When you peel garlic the smell of garlic stays in your hand and it gets very difficult to remove it. The other task which is equally difficult is slicing the garlic into small pieces. The tool garlic peeler and slicer lets you peel and thinly slice garlic without touching raw garlic. Just take a few cloves into the peeler and roll it over a hard surface. Now put the peeled cloves into the slicer and twist to get thinner slices of garlic without using your hands or knife.

Flexible Cutting Board

Cutting boards are a part of every kitchen at this point of time. But flexible cutting boards are recommended as you cannot just easy cut your vegetables using them but can bend it accordingly so that the veggies drops into your recipe and do not spills over the stove. These boards are like mats that are thick enough to tackle the pressure and sharpness of a knife and are flexible enough to be bent as per the need.

Thomas N Salzano working in kitchen

To bring perfection in work you need to have good kitchen tools that help you create great recipes. Thomas says although we have a substitute method if all the tools mentioned above but they won’t give you the same level of satisfaction while cooking. Kitchen tools have now become a necessity as everyone likes to cook and everyone wants to save time by using tools that create less mess in the kitchen and saves time.

Thomas N Salzano: 8 Smart Kitchen Tools Every Kitchen Must Have

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