Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano

Thomas N Salzano is a local chef best known for his magical Italian feasts. Thomas N Salzano is a rising online cook blog writer and conjures up extravagant recipes to prepare sensational food. So far, Thomas has written more than 100 blogs and trained nearly 60 students.

His life changed when he came to live with his maternal grandparents at the age of 10. They used to run a local cafe shop that also served small Italian snacks varieties and pastries. Inspired by the food cooked by his grandmother, he decided to tailor his life to a culinary dream. Therefore, post completing his studies at a local culinary school, Thomas started his career as a chef in a local cafe at Lake George, USA.

But Thomas always had the zeal to do more for his passion and food lovers. So, he started tossing his luck as food-blogger and tutor in 2012 and the rest is history today!

Thomas Salzano is a certified chef, who loves to cook Italian dishes. Thomas believes in sharing the correct and complete knowledge about the recipes and strictly delivers that. 

He started writing blogs on food with the intention to share the recipes and other relevant knowledge related to cooking and his recipes with everyone. 

Thomas N Salzano is presently writing blogs on famous food recipes across the world. His further plans as a chef are to explore different famous old school dishes and bring back its flavor. 

Thomas N Salzano is also working on his first book on cooking which will be named as “Flavors inspired by My Grandma.”   

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