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Cooking is an art and food is perhaps particularly that one celestial thing that unquestionably has the ability to bring the world together. In every culture across the globe, people celebrate cooking and get together to eat. “With right ingredients and a lot of passion, you can make the precise dishes that reflect love and care,” says Thomas N Salzano, a skillful chef and food blogger based in the New York City.

This website is designed for food lovers who are interested in learning cooking skills and gaining different food insights. The art of cooking is not only limited to ingredients and recipes but it goes beyond harnessing imagination and creativity to satisfy one’s taste buds.

The blogs on this website are all based on recipes and safety tools and techniques to be used in the kitchen. Thomas N Salzano has also focused on food and food recipes that can be cooked during an outdoor trip.  

The website also talks about the famous food items in different cities and countries across the world and also shares recipes for the preparation of the food items.

The website aims at motivating the aspiring chefs and sharing with them the basic recipes by Thomas and other famous chefs across the world.

Thomas N Salzano


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